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Bespoke Carpets

Here at MasterWeaver, we specialise in producing carpets for commercial use. It all starts from a concept and we work with you to turn that idea into reality. We can create various design options and will send you the PDF's. Once you are happy with a design, we will create a hand trial for you to approve. Once that stage is complete, we will then put it into production.  

carpet sheep


You have an idea for how your commercial space should look


We create a few design options based on that idea

hand trial

Once you have a design you are happy with, we will produce a hand trial for your approval.

loom sketch


Once you are happy with everything and approve the hand trial, we will put your carpet into production.


As soon as the carpet is ready for dispatch, we will ship it to the address of your choice. 

The process doesn't end there - we also have after sales.

Design Work

For the design stage, it is helpful if you provide us with the colour scheme and style of design. If you already have a design in mind, we will work together to create exactly that. Carpet can be a work of art and we aim to make every one of our designs reflect that.

Floor plans

We also offer a service where we can flood an area of a drawing with the new design. The only thing we require from you is the drawing file either as a .dwg file or a .pdf.

Production and Delivery

All of our carpets are produced to the highest standards. Once the production of the carpet, we can deliver in as little as five weeks. Our standard delivery time is six to eight weeks.

Other Services

We can also assist in other areas such as:

- On-site measuring

- Supply of underlay

- Installation

For any more information on the above, please get in touch.

Full-size Prints

Very often, commercial carpets have very large designs for function areas. Scale is important but it isn't possible to see on a hand trial. In these instances, we can offer full-size prints of a small section to make sure you are happy with the scale of the design

Hand Trials

We offer hand trials so that you are able to see the actual colours of the carpet more accurately and to see part of the design in real life carpet.

After Sales Care 

After the carpet has been delivered and installed, we will still provide you with assistance and advice for any queries you may have. We offer a maintenance guide to help with the care of the carpet to ensure it's longevity. If you have queries about the installation or matching, we will send a representative to inspect the carpet and matters with you.  Our goal is to make sure the customer is happy with their carpet, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

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